ORC Films

ORC Films was a company set up with Keiran O’Rourke of I Do Videos back in 2011. During that time we handled collaborative work and individual jobs. Here is a selection of videos that we had previously worked on.

The Handover – Short film that we made for the 48hr Film Project for Dundee 2013. It also won 2 awards (Best Writing and Best Use of Prop)

Dundee Youth Music Initiative – A project that was worked on for a few years which highlights young bands/artists in Dundee write and record a song and perform at the Gardyne Theatre in Dundee. (This is a selection of videos from that Project)

Best Friends Come In Boxes – A short film for 4th Wall Creatives, a Dundee community project to encourage filmmakers to go out and work with each other on a variety of different short films, documentaries, music videos etc.

Cerberus Logo – Just a little animation for a Dundee pub to have on their screens in between adverts for up-and-coming events. Made in Adobe After Effects using Element 3D.

‘A World Beyond Man’ Trailer – Show that was performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2014. The trailer is a combination of footage I took at the show and Animated After Effects Titles.